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We've been around since 1990.  At first all we offered were consulting services for small office automation.  We soon added tutorial and training services for students and office staff.  As our knowledge and experience grew, so did our capabilities.  By the first part of 2003 we could develop web pages using a myriad of technologies, perform EDI mapping, install networks (including firewalls and other security enhancements), develop CNC programs, compose and deploy Java applications . . .
You get the idea.  We do it all!

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Our Business Philosophy

Why do we do what we do?  Because we believe the computer should be a valuable tool, not an encumbrance.  We want to make our customers comfortable with technology and profit from its use.  The world is changing and we want to help you make it change for the better.  We consider our customers partners, and will do what we can to make them successful consumers of the technological age.

Liberty Computer Service * 119 N. Bridge Street * Smithville * MO * 64089 * (816)305-6558