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Uninstalling Windows Programs


Most Windows programs are packaged with their own uninstallers. Whenever possible, you should use a program's "native" uninstaller. However, some spyware programs are installed in the background and usually do not include an uninstaller. Some "free" or "advertiser supported" software includes spyware, but the uninstaller only removes the primary program, not the spyware.

If you need to remove a program that has no native uninstaller, just follow these instructions.


  • Click on the Start button

Step 1

  • Move the pointer to Settings
  • Click on Control Panel

Steps 2 and 3

  • Double-lick on Add or Remove Programs

Step 4

  • Scroll through the program list until you find the application you wish removed

Step 5

  • When you've located the program to remove, click on the button labeled Change/Remove

Step 6

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